2008 Ordinances

2008-29-Adopting the Budget for the Town of Eatonville, Washington for the calendar year 2009

2008-26-Replacing current EMC Chapters 10.28 and 10.29-Bicycle, skateboard, roller-skate, rollerblade and scooter helmet safety & operating requirements.

2008-20 -Amending Chapter 12.20 of the Eatonville Municipal Code

2008-19 Amending Chapter 18.03.020 of the Eatonville Municipal Code adopting a new zoning map

2008-18 Amending the 2008 budget of the Town of Eatonville as adopted by Ordinance 2007-27

2008-17 Approving the hiring of full time fire department firefighter/paramedic and adding a new section to chapter 2.28 of hte Eatonville Municipal Code

2008-16 Amending the Town of Eatonville Comprehensive Plan

2008-14 Approving the hiring of a full time Fire Department assistant Chier of training and safety, and adding a new section to Chapter 2.28 of the Eatonville Municipal Code

2008-11 Amending Title 02 of the Eatonville Municipal Code, Firefighters per diem-compensation.

2008-10 Providing for the submission to the qualified electors of the Town at a special election to be held in conjunction with the state primary on August 19, 2008, of a proposition authorizing the Town to levy regular property taxes in excess of the limitations of ch. 84.55 RCW; setting forth the text of the ballot proposition; directing proper Town officials to take necessary actions; and providing for other properly related matters.

2008-09 Annexing certain properties-attachment.

2008-08 Annexing certain properties-attachment.