2011 Ordinances

2011-24-Adopting the Budget for the Town of Eatonville, Washington for the Calendar year 2012

2011-21-Repealing any Ordinances in conflict thereof and authorizing the collection of the Eatonville regular tax levy for 2012

2011-20-Repealing any Ordinances in conflict thereof and authorizing the collection of the Eatonville EMS Levy for 2012

2011-19-Concerning impact fees, repealing EMC 17.60.010, 17.60.020, 17.60.030, 17.60.040, 17.60.050, 17.60.060, 17.60.080, 17.60.090, 17.60.100, 17.60.110, 17.60.120, 17.60.130, 17.60.140, 17.60.150, 17.60.160, 17.60.170, 17.60.180 and 17.60.190 and setting an effective date

2011-18-Concerning impact fees, repealing EMC 17.60.070, and setting an effective date

2011-16-Amending EMC 5.16.020 and providing for an effective date regarding Gambling Tax

2011-15-Regarding its Fire Department, creating a new section to Chapter 2.28 of the Eatonville Municipal Code, Amending EMC sections 2.28.010, 2.28.030, 2.28.040, 2.28.085, 2.28.120, 2.28.130, 2.28.140, 2.28.160, and 2.28.170, Adopting a job description, repealing EMC Sections 2.28.020, 2.28.050, 2.28.060, 2.28.070, 2.28.090, 2.28.100, 2.28.110 and 2.28.150, and providing for severability and an effective date

2011-14-Granting Mashell Telecom, Inc. DBA Rainier Connect, a non-exclusive franchise to construct, install and operate, repair, replace, and maintain lines, wires, coaxial cable and appurtenances for originating, receiving, distributing and supplying radio, television and other cable communication services along, across and upon the publics street, ways, alleys and places within the Town of Eatonville, providing for severability, and establishing an effective date

2011-10-Amending Chapter 18.03.020 of the Eatonville Municipal Code adopting a new zoning map

2011-9-Amending the Town of Eatonville Comprehensive Plan

2011-7-Amending the 2011 Budget of the Town of Eatonville, as adopted by Ordinance 2010-18

2011-5-Imposing a Six Month moratorium on Cannabis Related business

2011-4-Amending Chapter 10.16, adding new section 10.16.165 to penalize persons in handicap spaces without placard or special license plate

2011-3-Relating to Contracting Indebtedness; providing for the issuance of a $155,000 par value limited tax general obligation bond, 2011 (taxable), of the Town for general Town purposes to provide funds with which to pay the cost of acquiring a parcel of property adjacent to City Hall; fixing the date, form, maturity, interest rate, terms and covenants of the bond; establishing a bond redeption fund and approving the sale and providing for the delivery of the bond to First Citizens Bank of Fircrest, Washington

2011-1-Adopting an amended and restated version of the Town of Eatonville's fireworks code, codified at Chapter 8.16 of the Eatonville Municipal Code, adding a new Chapters 18.17 and 18.18 to the Eatonville Municipal Code regulating manufacture, discharge and public display of fireworks, and amending the Town of Eatonville Municipal Code section 8.11.110 & 9.16.020 to exepmt certain uses of fireworks under this Ordinance