Municipal Court

The Eatonville Municipal Court is a court of limited jurisdiction.  The Municipal Court Judge is authorized by Washington State Statute to preside over the following types of cases: non-traffic infractions, traffic infractions, criminal traffic infractions, criminal misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors occurring within the Town of Eatonville.

Eatonville Municipal Court is held at Bonney Lake Municipal Court located at 9002 Main St E Suite 100, Bonney Lake, WA 98391. To contact the court by phone, call 253-862-6606, or visit online at

The Municipal Court coordinates related services, including legal representation for indigent persons, probation, and interpreter services.  The Municipal Court does not file small claims or civil cases, protection or restraining orders (contact Pierce County District Court at 253-798-7474).

For cases involving divorce or child custody matters, contact Pierce County Superior Court at 253-798-3654.