The mission of the Eatonville Police Department is to be sensitive and responsive to the needs of the community we serve, through the delivery of professional police services for the purpose of enhancing the quality of life within the Town of Eatonville.


The standard of performance for which the Eatonville Police Department is striving, is predicated on the total commitment, not only to the police service, but also to the general well being of the community. Such a commitment is the hallmark of the police professional who recognizes that it permeates not only their daily work, but their private and family lives as well.

The commitment assures each citizen of Eatonville that the police will maintain constant vigilance over their property and personal safety. It assures them that the necessary police responses will be swift, unbiased and competent, and scrupulously kept within the bounds established by law and in the highest ethical tradition.
By adherence to these high standards, we commit ourselves, as a police department, to continue to earn the respect and confidence of the community.