Budget Billing

Budget Billing

The Town of Eatonville offers a Budget Billing program to its customers to facilitate their payment of Utility bills. This program is available to residential customers only. It allows residential, single and/or multi-family unit customers to pay an equal monthly sum for their utility bills throughout the year based on their prior 12 month billing history.

Budget Billing Eligibility Requirements:

  • There has been a 12-month consecutive billing history for the subject property.
  • The account is current at the time of application.
  • There has been no more than one late fee on the account within the last 12 month period, nor received an NSF check.
  • The customer is the owner of the property and resides in the residence.
Method of Calculation-The Town will take a 12 month billed amount and divide it by 11, and round up to the nearest dollar to come up with an amount that leaves room for any rate increases and the yearly CPI adjustment. The Town shall recalculate the customer's monthly payment once a year and the residential customer will be billed the average amount for that period. This means the monthly payment may go up or down each year based on the customer's history of utility usage for the prior year. Advance Calculation of Payment-The residential customer may request the Town to calculate the average payment plan amount prior to having it activated so the customer may determine if they would like to take advantage of this program. If the customer becomes delinquent or in arrears of its utility bill, the Budget Billing Plan will stop and the customer will not be eligible to be reconsidered for the program for the next 12 months.

**The goal of this program is to have a balance due in June that is lower than your agreed upon Budget Billing monthly amount.**

Customer Responsibility:
  • Make agreed payments monthly, you must not pay less than your budget billing amount or your account will be subject to accrue late fees.
  • Review monthly statements received for purposes of confirming the estimated monthly payment will meet budgetary goal of having a "zero" balance at the end of the calendar year.
  • Notify the Town if your account does not appear to meet the above goal.
If you meet the requirements, please fill out this form and return to Town Hall by June 30th.