Utility Billing

Utility bills are mailed out the first week of the month and due by the 25th of each month. Your payment is considered delinquent if not received by the 25th and a $15.00 penalty will be applied to your account balance the following business day. Disconnects are the 2nd Wednesday of each month. A door hanger will be placed the Monday before and a $25.00 penalty will be applied to your account, per Resolution 2022-XX.

You can bring your payment into Town Hall, make your payment online or there is a drop box outside the main door of Town Hall.

RENTERS: Renters in the Town of Eatonville are required to pay a $500.00 utility deposit.  It is held on your account until you move out of the residence and then the final bill is paid and the remaining is refunded to you.  The only way to have a utility deposit waived is for your landlord to sign a waiver.

Residential Rates: Please inquire at the Town of Eatonville for Commercial rates

Electricity (as of 8/2023)

$23.02 Base Rate

Electricity Usage



$0.06819 per KWH 0-1,000

$0.06917 per KWH 1,001-2,000

$0.07047 per kwh Over 2,000

Water (as of 2/1/2024) $49.70 Base Rate (3/4” Meter) Ask about base rates for larger meters

Water Usage


$0.46 per hundred gallons up to 15,000 gallons

$0.57 per hundred gallons over 15,000 gallons

Water Usage

(multi-family, commercial, schools)

$0.46 per hundred gallons


Sewer (as of 1/1/2024) $68.85 Base Rate
Storm Drain (as of 1/1/2024) $13.22 Base Rate
Garbage (as of 1/1/2024) $18.10-35 Gallon Monthly
$27.90-65 Gallon Monthly
$36.00-65 Gallon Bi-Weekly
$55.70-65 Gallon Weekly
$44.30-95 Gallon Bi-Weekly
$74.30-95 Gallon Weekly

Monthly pick-up is always the first Thursday of the month. 
Every other week customers are picked up according to house number.  Even house numbers are the same Thursdays as the Yard Waste service. Odd house numbers are the same Thursdays as the Recycle service.
If you have any questions about your garbage pick-up, please call Town Hall at 360-832-3361, or see the schedule. You may also visit Pierce County Refuse website and enter your address to see your pick up schedule.

Recycle is picked up every other Friday, a Recycle bin is provided per address, please see acceptable items for curbside recycle.

Yard Waste Collection is $8.50 a month, it is a service that is provided year round.  Yard waste is picked up every other Friday, alternate to Recycle.  If you cancel your service, there is a $16.00 charge to restart the service.